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BSB-REPORT "UV Protection Germany".

Since when have the BSB Market Reports Germany been published?

Since 2003.


What does the report cover?

The report covers these sub-areas of the German cosmetics market:


-Natural products

-Pharmacy products and medical brands

-Perfumery market

-Hair Care

(Brands and private labels in each case If available).
For the individual product lines and firms surveyed, see below.


Which data analyses are conducted using the data collected?

  1. Claims:

The claims of the product fronts are clustered and examined in terms of the frequency of their occurrence and the resulting trend readings for each sub-area of the market and of the overall market.

  1. Raw materials:

The raw materials used (uv absorers, actives, linnaeic naturals) are clustered and examined in terms of the frequency of their occurrence and the resulting trend readings.


Sample data analyses

are to be found under REPORT Cosmetics/ Sample here; all data analyses are structured in the same way.

Data surveyed

Product type; Manufacturer, Distribution channels, Packing size, Brand and Sub brand, Product name, SPF/SLF,  INCI or Actives and naturals, Main Claims (front), Typical Picture (front).


Sub-markets examined

Germany a) Mass market b) Natural products, c) Pharmacy products, med lines, d) Perfumery, e) Hair care

Brands and firms examined

Re a Brands) BCG: Biodroga, Sans Soucis; Beiersdorf, Nivea Sun; Creme 21: creme 21; Edgewell: Hawaiian tropic; L`Oreal: Garnier; J&J: Piz Buin; Nestle: Bübchen; Pharmamedico: ReAm; Hipp: Hipp; Mann&Schröder: Dulgon; Jean & Len: jean & len.

Re a Private Labels) Aldi Nord: Ombra; Aldi Süd: Ombia; dm: Sundance; Edeka: Elkos; Globus: Natuvel; Real: Soi; Müller: Lavozon; Netto/ Plus: Pure&Basic; Norma: Barbuda Sun; Rewe/ Penny: Today; Rossmann: Sunozon.

Re b Brands) Brands: Lavera: laverana; A. Boerlind: Boerlind; Eco Cosmetics: Eco; L`Oreal: bodyshop; Korres: Korres; Les Lab de Biarritz: le lab de biarritz.

Re b Private Labels) dm: Alverde.

Re c Brands) A. Boerlind: dadosens; L`Oreal: LaRoche-Posay, Vichy; Beiersdorf: Eucerin; Ales: Lierac; La mer: La Mer Sun; P. Favre: Avene; Spirig Pharma: Daylong; Sanosan: Sanosan baby Sonnenschutz; Stada: Ladival; Dr. Theis Naturwaren: Medipharma.

Re c Private labels) dm: Sundance med; Rossmann: Sunozon med; Mueller: Lavozon med.

Re d Brands) Artemis Suisse SA: Artemis of Switzerland; Collistar: collistar; Ultrasun: Ultrasun; Clarins: Clarins; Dior: Dior; Estee Lauder: Clinique, Estee Lauder; L`Oreal: Biotherm, H. Rubinstein, Lancome; Coty: Lancaster; Louis Widmer: L. Widmer; Marbert: Marbert; Payot: Payot; Shiseido: Shiseido; Troll: Declare; H. Braukmann: Sun&Care.

Re d Private labels) Douglas Sun.

Re e Brands) Collistar: collistar; Ultrasun: ultrasun hair; Korres: korres; Coty: Lancaster, Wella Sun.

Re e Private Labels) Mueller: Lavozon; Rossmann: Sunozon.

Distribution channels examined

Whole sale: Metro, Fegro, Jebe (special whole sale for cosmetics)

Chains: Famila, Globus, Hit Markt, Marktkauf, Kaufland, Edeka, Karstadt, Real, Rewe, Markant

Drug stores: Rossmann, dm, Budnikowski (budni), Müller

Discounter: Aldi, Aldi Sued, Lidl, Netto, Norma, Penny

Health shops Basic, Alnatura




Excel files containing the data and discussion of the highlights in PowerPoint. You need at least Office 2010 in order to see the data.


Sample of a brand presentation

is to be found under Report Cosmetics; all brands are presented in the same way.

In what form will I receive the data?

The report and the additional information can be given in electronic form on a stick, a CD-ROM or as eMail downlad. If you like as print too.

Report language?

The report is mostly in english, but it is possible to get it in german too.



Please ask for the tailer-made report for YOUR belongings and you will get your offer soon.