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BSB Innovation Prize Awards 2015

Main sponsor cosmetics


13th awards ceremony 2015 at the Hilton Barcelona

On April 14, 2015, the European Innovation Prize for cosmetics, natural products and raw materials was awarded for the 13th time in the categories cosmetics/„most innovative raw material concept“ (“naturals” and “functionals/ recipients”) and „most innovative cosmetic product“

The award winners in the five categories are



Most innovative cosmetic product


1. Henkel: Magic Oil

Mr. Dirk Hentrich, Signora Lapena, Dr. Riedel (from right)

2. Dr. Grandel: Beautygen renew essence

Dr. Schmitz accepted the price.

3. Kneipp: Männersache foam bath

Dr. Wohlfart, Dr. Staib and Dr. Staab were there.

Most innovative raw material concept for cosmetics

 “naturals/ actives”

1. Perfetion Peptide P7, Mibelle Biochemistry

Dr. Schmid and Ms. Hurst

2. SymTio S, Symrise

Ms. Simone Peters and Mr. Juergen Claus attended the ceremony.

3. Regenistem Brightening, Lonza

Philip Ludwig und Victor Low from Lonza accepted theier price.

The first price is splitted this year.


1a. Niodor, Prolabin & Tefarm

Michelle Sisani, Jeremie Birraux

1b. Oat Lipide e, Oat Cosmetics

Dr. Daybell

2. SymOcide PH, Symrise

Dr. Ravi Pillai and Dr. Florian Gentrich appeared.

3. Cetiol Ultimate, BASF

Bettina Jackwerth and Mr. Tony Jaillot, Mr. Stephane LaCouture
came to accept their price.

Natural Products

Finished products

1. Fossil Peeling Powder, Rahn

Ms Barbara Obermayer and Mr Detlef Baenziger

2. Lipout, Provital

Signora Laura Gallego and Signora Julia Boras came for Provital.

3. Super Juices Collection, Symrise

Jessica Bornemeier and Simon Peter arrived.

Most innovative raw material/ concept

1. Annemarie Börlind: Peauty Pearls

Ms. Guylaine LeLoarer, Ms. Barbara Bücherl

2. dm: Alverde Zellaktiv Tagespflege Hibiskus

Here Ms. Helena Thome accepted the price for dm.

Migros by Mibelle Cosmetics: I Am 3in1 Beauty-oil

Last but not least Dr. Arnaud Kindbeiter got the price.

Congratulations to all winners!

The Jurys


Raw materials:

Dr Alfred Markowetz (P&G)
Dr. Daniel Stangl (LaPrairie Group, Schweiz)
Dr. Bernhard Irrgang (Mibelle Group Cosmetics, Schweiz)

Finished products:

Ms. Angelika Meiss (COSSMA)
Dr. Joachim Degwert (SIT)

Ms. Barbara Obermayer (Rahn Group, Schweiz)



Raw materials:

Dr. Rainer Wohlfart (Kneipp)
Mr. Dirk Hentrich (Henkel)
Dr. Matthias Hauser (J&J)

Finished products

Ms. Birgit Haemel (Protec Ingredia)
Ms. Bettina Jackwerth (BASF)
Dr. Marielle le Maire (Symrise, Frankreich)

We would like to thank BASF for the main Sponsorship „Cosmetics“ as well as Symrise and Mibelle Groupe for their sponsorship. The „BSB Innovation Prize Circle of Friends “ comprising of the companies Protec Ingredia, SIT GmbH, Lehmann&Voss, Kracie Home Products, Provital, Rahn AG, Mila D´Opitz, Dobi-Inter and Lonza who have supported us and made the awarding of the prizes possible.

The award 2015 will be supported by the "BSB Innovation Prize Circle of Friends"