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BSB Innovation Prize Awards 2016

 The ORIGINAL since 2003

On April 12, 2016, the European Innovation Prize for cosmetics, natural products and raw materials was awarded for the 14th time in the categories cosmetics/„most innovative raw material concept“ (“naturals” and “functionals/ recipients”) and „most innovative cosmetic product“ as well for natural products (finished products and ingredients).

Dr. Riedel, founder and organizer of the BSB Innovation prize, at
his opening speech

The award winners in the five categories are


The prizes were granted by Dr. Daniel Stangl, innovation expert from La`Prairie, as head of the jury


1. Symrise: SymUrban

Ms Peters and their 1. prize

2. Mibelle Biochemistry: Royalepigen P5

Ms Hurst, head of marketing, and Ms Wandrey
(Photo by Tomohiko Kato)

3. IBR: Pristinizer

Ms von Oppen gets her prize
(Photo Tomohiko Kato)


1. Merck: Sereneshield

Dr. Stangl awards the 1. prize to Ms Eisenberg

2. BASF: Emulgade SucroPlus

Ms Griesbach, Marketing BASF

3. Symrise: SymOcide C

Dr. Genrich from Symrise

Finished products

Here the prices were awarded by Ms Angelika Meiss, COSSMA as speaker of the jury.

1. Dr. Grandel: Couperose Expert Cream

Ms Meiss and Dr. Schmitz with the 1. prize

2. La Mer: med RR cream

Dr. Wriedt, head of R&D La Mer

The third price was divided.

3a. Henkel: Fibreplex

Madame Schiantarelli and Madame Bourgious, Henkel France

3b. Superdrug by Mibelle: Optimum Phytosurvive Multi-Protecting Serum

Dr. Kindbeiter, Mibelle Cosmetics

Natural products



The prives were handed over by Dr. Rainer Wohlfart, head of R&D Kneipp and speaker of the jury.

1. Liftonin-Expert, Rahn

Ms Obermayer, Dr. Bänziger, Rahn AG

2. EPS White, Codif

Dr. Wohlfart, Dr. Vallee, Codif.

3. Berkemyol Potentilla, Berkem

Madame Droux and co-worker, Berkem


Finished products

1. Annemarie Börlind: Hydro Booster, D

Ms Buecherl, head of R&D and co-workers, Dr. Riedel

2. Similasan: schonende Gel-to-milk, CH

Dr. Christiane Hanay, head of R&D, Similasan

3. Kneipp: Sekunden-Handcreme, D

Dr. Wohlfart accepts his price

Congratulations to all winners!

Many thanks to the members of the jurys:


Raw materials:

Dr. Daniel Stangl, SPEAKER of the Jury (LaPrairie Group, Switzerland)
Dr. Bernhard Irrgang (Mibelle Group Cosmetics, Switzerland)
Dr. Alfred Markowetz (P&G)
Mr. Dirk Hentrich (Henkel)

Finished products:

Ms Angelika Meiss, SPEAKER of the Jury (COSSMA)
Ms Barbara Obermayer (Rahn Group, Switzerland)
Dr. Joachim Degwert (SIT)



Raw materials:


Dr. Rainer Wohlfart, SPEAKER of the Jury (Kneipp)
Ms. Barbara Bücherl (Börlind)
Dr. Christiane Hanay (Similasan)

Finished products


Ms Bettina Jackwerth, SPEAKER of the Jury (BASF)
Ms Birgit Haemel (Protec Ingredia)
Dr. Marielle le Maire (Symrise, France)

The winners of the 1. prizes 2016

As well, I like to thank our sponsors

-Premium Sponsors Cosmetics
Ingredients: BASF
Finished products: Lasaea by dobi-Inter

-Premium Sponsor Natural products

Symrise, Mibelle Group, Similasan, Mibelle Biochemistry

-Circle of friends
LuV, Protec Ingredia, SIT, Rahn, Dr. Grandel and Botanica.

The award will be supported by the "BSB Innovation Prize Circle of Friends"