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 15. BSB European Innovation Prize Awards
cosmetics, natural products and their chemical raw materials 2017

 "At night at the museum"


The BSB European Innovation Prize for cosmetics, natural products and their chemical raw materials, was awarded in 2017 for the fifteenth time by the independent BSB – Beratungs- and Servicebüro Dr. Riedel at the museum of London Docklands
The winners of the first prices and their awards (from left). Ms LeLoarer
(Börlind), Dr.
Clarius and co-worker (BASF), Dr. Riedel (BSB), Madame
Baptiste (Symrise), D
r Rimpler (Dr. Rimpler). Not on the picture: Ms
Obermayer (Rahn).

The winners 2017


-Innovative Ingredients

The prices were handed over by Dr. Stangl, LaPrairie.

A) actives and naturals

1. BASF: Dermagenist, D

Dr. Stangl, Dr. Clarius and Co-worker (from left)

2. Mibelle Biochemistry: Infraguard, Schweiz

Dr. Schmid, Ms Hurst, Dr. Stangl (from right)

3. Symrise: Dragosine, D

Ms Le Maire, Dr. Vielhaber, Dr. Stangl (from right)

b) functionals and recipients

1. Symrise: Thermolat, D

Dr. Vielhaber, Ms Baptiste, Dr. Stangl (from right).

2. Borregaard: Exilva, Norwegen

Mr Fure, Ms Blell, Dr. Stangl(from right)

3. Katakura: Royalbiocyte, Japan

Mr. Toyoda, Mr Tajima, Dr. Stangl(from right)


-Innovative finished products.

The prices were handed over by Ms Angelika Meiss, COSSMA.

1. Dr. Rimpler mit Isabelle Lancrey Egostyle Mission de-stress Gel-Creme , D

Ms Meiss, Dr. Rimpler (from left)

The second prize was splitted in 2017

2 a. La Mer  Ultra Hydro Booster Multi effect Cleansing oil gel, D

Dr. Wriedt, Ms Meiss (from right)

2 b. Viliv Dr. Felix Bertram: regenerate your skin post laser cream, Schweiz

Dr. Bertram did not attend the ceremony. The price was handed over to a representative.

3. Henkel: Diadermine Age Supreme Regeneration tiefenwirksame Tagescreme, D

Dr. Gaal, Ms Meiss (from right).

Natural Products: 

-Innovative ingredients

1. Rahn: Defensil-Soft, Schweiz

Mr. Hettwer, Ms Obermayer, Dr. Riedel(from right)

2. BASF: Gluadin Kera-P LM, D

Dr. Clarius, Ms Jackwerth, Dr. Riedel (from right)

3. not awarded in 2017 due to internal reasons.

-Innovative Finished Products

1. A. Börlind, new series “masks“

Ms Ning, Ms Le Leorer, Dr. Riedel (from right)

2. OceanBasis, oceamwell Biomarine Cellsupport Nourishing cream

Dr. Koch, Ms Woldmann, Dr. Riedel(from right)

3. Kneipp, Creme-Öl-Peeling

Dr. Blaak, Dr. Wohlfart, Dr. Riedel (from right)


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