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Lifetime achievement award 2017

For the first time a lifetime achievement award was given to Dr. Rainer Wohlfart, Kneipp for his lifework.

Dr. Riedel hands over the award to Dr. Wohlfart

Dr. Riedels Laudatio:
"Dr. Rainer Wohlfart was born in 1952 in Schweinfurt, studied pharmacy in Heidelberg and got his PHD in Berlin. Since 1986 he is been working for Kneipp as head of R&D. More than 30 years – a long time.

During the last decates he filed patents (eg regarding “cosmetics products for elderly skin”), published a lot of papers (eg “Consumer panel size in cosmetic product evaluation: a pilot study and statistical approximation” in 2017 or “Development and validation of the Patient Benefit Index for the dermatocosmetic treatment of aged skin” in 2016.

He gave a lot of lectures, of course. The most important topics during the last years were “innovation potentials of a health products producer” or “claim substancing – the gap between marketing and reality”.

All topics highly relevant for modern, innovative cosmetics products or their production.

We know Dr. Wohlfart as important part of the jury “natural products/ finished products” since 2011.

I have to say “thank you” for his time and effort, his specialist knowhow to support the selection of the BSB Innovation Prize winners.

I will miss his competence. The BSB Innovation Prize will be not the same as before.

And, and that is most important, the market part of natural products would be not the same as without him and his work."