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Eligibility requirements

- when applying for a product these requirements are accepted automatically

-  only 1 application per sub-category and company

- it is possible for the same company to apply for different products in different sub-categories (but not products of the same line!).

- please name the sub-category you are appying for (see "Innovation award/ year/ A).

- application form: there is NO special application form (not too much bureaucracy!).
  Raw Materials: YOU know your product best. Just sent in the data you think they may convince the jury
  (tip: not TOO MUCH information).
  Finished products: please add a maximum of one (1) additional broschure (10 times).

- when the data/ products arrived at BSB, you will be informed by an official eMail of acceptance. If you do
  not get such an eMail, you application was not successful.

- BSB e.K. has the right of pre-selection and nomination. Approx. 4 products will be submitted to the relevant
  jury for assessment. If too many relevant products will be sent in BSB has the right to split a sub-category.

- the final correlation of the products to the sub-categorys will be done by BSB e.K.

-  the product you apply for has to be (re)launched since the last award ceremony (last 12 month).

- the winners of the different prices find out at the award ceremony evening about their win.

- We do not ship prices. A representative of a company has to at the award ceremony to accept
  a price. If there is no representative on location the application will be excluded. The next-best product gets
  the price.

- criterias
a) raw materials: examined will be the "innovation potential" by the given data.
b) finished products: the jury examines a product in terms of a) product story, b) use of raw materials and c)
c) packaging: how innovative/of high-quality is the packaging itself.
d) concepts: see b)

- the jury members examine the products/ packaging by giving marks from 1 to 6 following the german
  system  (best: 1, worst: 6)

- No prices:if a product/ packaging does not get an average rating (of the ratings of the the different jury
  members) better then 3.5 or 3-4 no price will be awarded. A product which is totally average gets a rating
  of 3.5. Such a product/ packaging is of course NOT innovative.

The 2 finished products sub-categories:

- we accept finished products if they can be found  IN or made FOR an european market (not only EU,
  whole europe. No misunderstanding: this is only for FINISHED PRODUCTS).

-  if the packaging text is not in english, we need an additional english translation.

- when applying for a concept, 10 samples of the raw material(s), the concept is dealing with, IN a
  FORMULATION has to be sent in besides the written concept.

- BSB does not pay any taxes for a product you apply for. Please make sure that your product application
  package is free of charge
  (especially customs; but freight too). Otherwise the package
will be returned automatically.

- we will not be able to accept hair colors and hair forming products as applications.

we will be not able to sent any products back.


- BSB has the right to cancel the ceremony evening due to important reasons. The award of the prices will
  not be effected by this fact.

 - the application is for free

-  any recourse to courts of law is excluded

- BSB Innovation Award is a registered trademark by BSB.